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Embeddable curl commands for your web site, blog or API documentation.

Enter the curl command you would like to embed.

This is what it will look like when embedded on your site.

curl -X POST -d "name=Grace" -d "email=grace@navy.mil" https://yourapihere.com/post

How it Works

Once the script has been placed on the page, any elements (we recommend <pre> for a graceful fallback) with an HTML class attribute of embedcurl will be replaced with a prettified version based on the element's text. You only need to include the script reference once per page.

The prettified version of the command will exclude any invalid flags (current as of curl version 7.34) and will use the short flag when available (e.g. --data will become -d). If the curl command is invalid, the original command will be displayed.


Controlling Width and Height

If the source element specifies a width attribute, the embed will use that width. The default width is 500 pixels. The height is set dynamically based on the height of the content in the embed and cannot be modified.


Need help? Have an idea?

Please email with any issues or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!